Web Page Hosting

We offer the following with regard to hosting, we will register you a domain name either .com or .net depending on your preference and then provide hosting services if you choose to go that route then we will refer you to our host that will register you an account or in the event you choose to let us webmaster your site for you we can arrange that where we will maintain you site and regularly update with fresh content. Hosting plans vary from 6 month plans up to 4 years the longer you decide to purchase the cheaper the plan gets say for example you go with the 4 year plan you can consider paying around 1/3 . We will go through the process for you from start to finish making sure you get all the required information. All packages come with unlimited bandwidth and unlimited transfer rates, you get a control panel to maintain your websites, and you also get 24/7 technical service and you get a feast of add-ons for the account.





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